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Cheap Solar: Why it’s Not Worth It

Solar Installation is an investment. It may seem expensive at first, but when you consider the savings over time, solar systems are incredibly cost-effective. However, in order to enjoy the savings on your energy bill, your system needs to run smoothly without breakdowns or constant repairs. If you are shopping around, you may come across a number of cheap solar options. While the price may be enticing, over the long term cheap solar is just not worth it. Here’s why.

3 pitfalls of cheap solar

1.You Get What You Pay For

In most cases, purchasing cheap solar usually means your system won’t even last 5 years. Quality brands can be expected to last 10-15 years without issue (with higher output and better efficiency) giving you a higher return on investment over time.

2. You May By Purchasing Old Technology

Sale stock is often old stock. So, if you come across really cheap solar it’s likely that the panels and the inverter is using outdated technology. This means that your system may not be able to be upgraded or work with newer storage batteries or other control and monitoring systems.

3. Your System May Be Unsafe

Purchasing inferior, cheap solar may also result in substandard installation leaving you up for expensive repairs in the future. Even worse, your system might be a serious safety hazard. In addition, purchasing cheap solar can mean that you end up with the wrong sized system for your home so you won’t save as much on your energy bills.

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