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Innovate becomes approved installer for Next Gen battery storage program

Installing solar battery storage is an exciting step for a home or business and in the ACT the Next Gen Program is supporting residents with substantial battery installation rebates. Innovate Energy is proud to announce it has been accepted as an approved installer for this program.

The current battery rebate is $3,500 (ex-gst) or 50% of the battery price (ex-gst), whichever is lower. It is available to all ACT residents including those in Hall, Tharwa and Oaks Estate (but not Jervis Bay Territory). Households applying for the battery storage system rebate can also make use of the zero-interest loans being offered by the ACT Sustainable Households Scheme.

Between the rebate and the interest-free loan, investing in a solar battery has suddenly become very affordable for those wanting to reduce their power bills.

At Innovate we recognise that installing solar panels and battery storage is a long-term investment and believe in providing customised quotes. This ensures your solar energy installation meets your individual needs both now and in the future. It is important to consider your family's lifestyle, size and future plans when making solar battery choices today. For example, is your family size going to grow in the coming years or get smaller as children leave home? Are you expecting to purchase an electric car in the future?

In addition:

  • Innovate Energy’s solar installers are all qualified electricians, making sure your solar installation is set up safely and correctly.

  • all Innovate solar products and installers are Clean Energy Council approved to ensure maximum quality.

  • we only use quality products to protect your investment and are teamed with solar battery suppliers like SungrowAlpha ESS and Tesla Powerwall 2.

All our battery installations include a minimum of 10-year warranty and the team will happily provide you with information on how to safely use your battery.

Once your home is set up with a full solar panel installation, including battery storage, you may be interested in joining a virtual power plant (VPP) program to maximise the financial return on your investment.

Get in touch today for a personalised quote whether you're ready to install a full solar panel plus battery installation or are ready to add solar battery storage to your existing rooftop solar.