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Electrifying the home - take control of your energy future

Gone are the days when gas was believed to be the more efficient, clean fuel. With the technology available to us today, electrifying the home is definitely the way to go to reduce both your energy bills and carbon footprint.

What’s changed?

Historically natural gas cost less than electricity, making it a more cost-effective option for running home appliances and, compared to electricity produced from coal, gas was seen as the ‘cleaner’ fuel. Today though, the goalposts have shifted significantly - technology improvements in electric appliances themselves mean the modern appliance is much more cost-efficient than its predecessors of even twenty years ago.

Secondly, with the changes afoot in electricity production from coal to renewable, sustainable and clean energy sources like solar and wind, electricity is becoming more and more the cleaner fuel. Additionally, electric appliances don’t produce harmful by-products such as carbon monoxide in the home like gas appliances can, so the family’s air quality and safety is better.

What exactly does electrifying the home mean?

A fully electrified home has solar panels on the roof, a solar battery, electric car in the garage and has replaced all gas and old electric appliances with modern, efficient electric versions. Everything from stoves, refrigerators, water heaters and home heating to light bulbs.

It is estimated that the energy use (including energy used by the family’s petrol/diesel cars) of an average fully electrified household could be slashed from 102kWh a day to just 37kWh.

And the time for starting the transition has never been better. There are plenty of incentives and rebates available to help offset initial costs, such as:

Employing a team of qualified electricians, Innovate Energy is the perfect team to support your family’s journey to a fully electric home and renewable energy solution, whether you are ready to install solar panels, add solar battery storage, upgrade your hot water heater or install reverse cycle air conditioning for winter heating and summer coolness. Our quotes are tailored to your individual situation and requirements and cover the end-to-end solution, so there are no hidden costs of extra electrical work required.

Get in touch today to discuss your best options, possible rebates and funding and request a quote.