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  2. $150 mill in zero-interest loans thanks to ACT Sustainable Household scheme

$150 mill in zero-interest loans thanks to ACT Sustainable Household scheme

Make your home energy efficient today!

In an effort to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2045 the ACT Government is running a Sustainable Household Scheme to support Canberrans making the switch to sustainable living. Over the next five years, the Government is offering $150 million in zero-interest loans to eligible households to be used for reducing energy use and energy costs and living more comfortably.

This is the perfect opportunity for Canberrans to improve their property value by installing energy-saving improvements like rooftop solar panels and battery storage. Coupled with the purchase of an electric vehicle (also an option under the Sustainable Household scheme) Canberra's residents can take a big step in the journey of reducing their carbon footprint.

Given Australia’s data for per capita CO2 emissions compared to the rest of the world, this is a very welcome opportunity for people wanting to make a difference:

Why choose Innovate Energy for your solar installation

At Innovate Energy we provide customised quotes for every customer, making sure that the solar installation we recommend meets your personal requirements - your lifestyle, your family size, and your future needs. We recognise installing solar is a long-term investment and the installation choices need to reflect this. Other things we do which put us a step ahead include:

  • Innovate Energy solar installers are all qualified electricians, ensuring your solar installation is set up safely and correctly.

  • All our solar products and installers are Clean Energy Council approved to ensure maximum quality.

  • We pride ourselves on only using quality products end-to-end to protect your investment. We team with suppliers like LG Solar, Trina Solar, Q cellsRECFroniusSolarEdgeRisen Solar Technology and Enphase, all of which deliver products built to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Loan details and eligibility

The loan scheme will be offered by Brighte Green, the financing company on a mission to make every home sustainable and already a partner of Innovate Energy. The loans on offer will be between $2,000 to $15,000 to eligible ACT residents with payment terms of up to 10 years. Regular credit checks for a good credit history apply. The loan must be used to help meet the upfront costs of investing in energy-efficient home upgrades.

Rooftop solar panels and solar battery storage qualify for the Sustainable Household Scheme as Category A products. The eligibility criteria for this category are:

  • The property is either a standalone residence or a unit titled property (each individual unit within a unit plan is defined as a distinct eligible property)

  • Property location is within the ACT (Hall, Tharwa, and Oaks Estate are included, but not Jervis Bay)

  • The Unimproved Value (UV) of the property in 2020-21 must be below $750,000 for non-unit titled dwellings (freestanding houses and non-titled dual occupancies) and stand-alone unit titled dwellings (townhouses and unit titled dual occupancies) based on the unit entitlement percentage. A UV of $200,000 applies to unit titled multi-storey apartments (your UV can be found on your rates notice)

  • The property is owned by the Scheme participant (this includes a mortgaged home), or where the Scheme participant has full authority and approvals to install the products chosen.

New builds are eligible for loans to install Category A items such as solar installations and solar battery storage.

Further details and financing information can be found here: Sustainable Household Scheme Guidelines.

Contact Innovate Energy today for a quote on getting solar installed in Canberra.