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You can install solar today with help from Brighte Green

Are you keen to take the next step towards making your home sustainable by installing solar, but your budget just doesn’t stretch far enough to cover the investment? It’s a frustrating position when you know there are energy savings to be gained …

Enter Brighte Green Loans. Brighte is a financing company on a mission to make every home sustainable. Set up in 2015, the company now partners with 1900 suppliers across Australia, including Innovate Energy, to support homeowners making sustainability improvements to their homes today.

The cost of a full solar panel installation is covered under Brighte’s Green Loan plan, meaning you can invest in your home today and start putting your energy-bill savings towards paying the loan. You can even split the cost and pay some upfront and the remainder on the Brighte Green Loan. In most cases, a solar solution installed today will have paid off your initial investment in about three to five years through savings in power bills.

So far Brighte has helped 60,000 Australian families with sustainable home improvements like solar electricity and solar batteries. Brighte has a handy loan calculator to help you see in advance how much your fortnightly repayments will be.

Installing a solar panel solution in your home today delivers a number of benefits, including monthly savings on your electricity bills, future proofing the value of your property and the environmental benefits of creating sustainable, clean energy for our planet.

Talk to us today about the best solar panel options for your home. We pride ourselves on creating tailored solutions for each customer’s needs, making sure we provide and install the most energy and cost-efficient solar installation every time.