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Delivering up to 50% savings on energy bills

If you’ve been keeping up with The Block this season you’ll already be familiar with the Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid 22 climate control system. Imagine harnessing the completely renewable energy source below your home to keep your family warm in winter, cool in summer … and even contribute to heating your home’s hot water.

Innovate Energy is a Rinnai stockist and we’re proud to wear the Rinnai ‘Trusted Specialist’ badge. Get in touch today for a quote or advice on sustainable home heating and cooling solutions for your home.

What is the Rinnai Geoflow Hybrid 22?

The Rinnai Geoflow Hybrid 22 is a geothermal system that uses heat from the ground below your house to warm your home in winter and cool it in summer.

How does it work?

The geothermal heating and cooling system works by harnessing the heat stored in the earth. Every day the earth absorbs and stores around half the energy that reaches us from the sun. Because of this, below us and our homes, ground temperature is a stable 17 degrees celcius. The Rinnai Geoflow taps into this heat source and captures the energy for use in our homes.

To install the Rinnai Geoflow a trained and licensed geo drilling team installs a ground closed loop heat exchanger next to the house. This is a hole approximately 15cm in diameter and 40-100m deep. A proprietary, environmentally safe liquid flows through the pipe installed in this hole, capturing the heat energy from below the home.

On the surface, the super-quiet Geoflow Hybrid 22 energy exchange unit sits next to the house using AI to monitor the process and transfer the heating or cooling power into the home. In Rinnai’s system, any excess energy is diverted to the home’s hot water system to ensure full benefit of the energy available.

Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid 22 taps into underground heat source
Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid 22 taps into underground heat source


The Rinnai Geoflow can sustainably make a home more energy efficient and reduce a family’s heating and cooling running costs by up to 50% per year. Because the earth is heated by the sun, the energy captured is free, renewable and clean. The above-ground unit is quiet, compact and requires only minimal ongoing maintenance and the below-ground heat exchange loop is a robust, sealed mechanism encased in a thermally active, flexible casing making the system durable for many decades of service.

Get in touch today to explore the possibility of environmentally friendly geothermal heating system technology for your heating and cooling requirements.