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Benefits of regular solar and electrical inspections

With electricity to the home so ingrained in our modern lives, it’s easy to be complacent about electrical systems. But regularly maintaining switchboards, solar panel installations, safety switches, and smoke alarms is crucial for safety. Many potential electrical issues can be spotted with visual inspection during an electrical safety inspection and fixed before becoming costly or dangerous.

Here’s a sample of issues we’ve discovered while on the job over the past few months. Being on-site to fix these electrical faults early has undoubtedly avoided future problems and even some disasters for customers.

Melted Cable

During a routine solar inspection, our electrician found a melted main neutral on the home’s switchboard. This was causing earthed appliances and cabling to become live, which is a potentially fatal electrical fault. Thankfully this electrical fault was picked up early and repaired before causing any damage to the home or seriously injuring someone.

Hot Joint

During a solar repair job, our technician found a hot joint on the mains cable that had even melted the cover inside the switchboard. A hot joint is a loose or failing connection that can cause serious risk of fire if left undetected. All our solar technicians are licensed electricians. We fixed the problem on the spot, saving the customer any additional callouts.

Rodent Damage

Commonly, damage to the electrical cabling in a home is caused by rodents and this has certainly been the case for several emergency electrical and solar repair jobs our technicians have attended in recent months. Regular servicing of a home’s electrical and solar installations can detect signs of rodents making a home too close to electrical systems. This gives homeowners the opportunity to deter them before damage is done.

Recalled Product

Another benefit of regular electrical and solar installation inspections is the opportunity to spot recalled products that have not been replaced. At a customer site in Vincentia, we attended a callout for a solar installation that experienced a catastrophic failure. The culprit was a burnt DC isolator that had since been recalled. The original solar installer hadn’t actioned the recall, but a yearly maintenance check could have spotted it before the failure occurred, saving the homeowner considerable cost.

To get your home or office solar installation or switchboard (including safety switches and smoke alarms) checked by our qualified technicians get in touch today.