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Receive govt funding for upgrading your air conditioning

Did you know government financial incentives are available for households and businesses that become more energy efficient by using less electricity and gas?

For example, upgrades to your heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC) that make your heating and cooling systems more energy efficient could be eligible for funding. And any energy efficiency improvements will have the double bonus of delivering savings going forward in the form of lower power bills! Particularly for businesses, this is significant because air conditioning is often a company’s biggest drain on energy costs. The more energy an upgrade saves a business the greater the government energy savings scheme rebate achieved.

These rebates are available under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) and are part of the Energy Security Safeguard.

Innovate Energy is set up to work with customers to calculate the potential savings an upgrade will deliver and convert these energy savings into energy-saving certificates (ESCs). ESCs are then sold to energy retailers providing an upfront discount on your installation.

The rebate is calculated based on the efficiency of the air conditioning unit, if the unit is a new or replacement unit, and also the postcode in which it is being installed.

Here are some examples of the rebates for a new installation in the Nowra area:

  • Fujitsu 2.5kw wall mount split system ASTG09KMTC - $228
  • Fujitsu 3.5kw wall mount split system ASTG12KMTC - $244
  • Fujitsu 5kw wall mount split system ASTG18KMTC - $471
  • Fujitsu 6kw wall mount split system ASTG22KMTC - $504
  • Fujitsu 7kw wall mount split system ASTG24KMTC - $536
  • Fujitsu 10.5kw ducted split system ARTG36LHTA - $861
  • Fujitsu 12.5kw ducted split system ARTG45LHTA - $1008

Get in touch today to start the analysis process and assess how much funding is available to help make your business or home more energy efficient.