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Innovate Energy is a Clean Energy Council-approved solar panel and solar battery installer dedicated to delivering sustainable energy solutions to customers in Cambelltown, Camden, Wollondilly and surrounds in the Macarthur region.

Achieve energy savings today and meet your energy needs into the future. Talk to us about the benefits rooftop solar can deliver for your family. We understand a solar installation is a long-term solution that futureproofs your home; we pride ourselves on only using quality products end-to-end to protect your investment. Innovate is teamed with quality suppliers like LG Solar, Trina Solar, Q cells, REC, Fronius, SolarEdge, Rise Solar Technology and Enphase.

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As a part of our free site assessment, our team will determine whether a battery is the best option for you. Solar batteries allow you to use your own solar-generated energy to power your home at night, reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, and protect you against power outages. Even if a battery is not the right decision for you today, our solar energy installations are future-proofed and ready for the addition of a battery when you are ready in the future.


A VPP is a network of residential solar battery systems that work together to form a single power plant. A VPP is a service offered by energy suppliers to harness the solar energy being collected and stored by homeowners with solar panels and battery storage.


A virtual power plant network helps with grid stability by enabling the distribution of excess power to homeowner batteries at rapid speed to lower the voltage of electricity in the grid during peak times. Additionally, VPPs mean sustainable power can be generated, stored and distributed at optimal levels for the benefit of the whole community - ie more power can be stored during peak sun times for use later when demand is higher than supply.


The cost of solar technology is decreasing, making now a great time to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

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Installation process

  1. Site visit - We conduct a detailed site inspection on every design. This is essential to obtain accurate information on your home to ensure the installation of your solar system can be completed to the highest quality.
  2. Savings calculation - Our technician will calculate your estimated savings based on your proposed system.
  3. Proposal and design - You will be provided with a preliminary design of your system during the home assessment.
  4. Technical review - Once your project kicks off our design team complete a final system review and approval.
  5. Installation agreement - You will be provided with an installation agreement
    so that you are fully informed of every step.
  6. Pre-approvals - We liaise with your local distributor and in some cases your energy retailer for pre-approvals and metering applications (dependant on energy retailer).
  7. Scheduling - Once all the approvals have been obtained, we order the materials and provide a date for installation. Our team will turn up on time and install your system. Once complete, they'll show you how it all works.
  8. Post Completion Paperwork - We then lodge the paperwork and update the energy provider on your behalf.
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Innovate Energy is a well-established South Coast company providing solar panel installations to customers up and down the east coast of NSW and as far inland as the Southern Highlands and the ACT, including:

... and the surrounding areas.

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