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Save money on your power bills and lower your carbon footprint with a rooftop solar installation from Innovate Energy. Innovate's solar energy solutions are Clean Energy Council approved and we believe in protecting your investment long term by only dealing with reputable suppliers and high-quality equipment end-to-end.

Each family's needs when installing rooftop solar panels are different and at Innovate Energy we always do a site visit to ensure we understand your situation and goals. Will your energy needs increase as your family grows? Are you keen to purchase an electric vehicle in the coming years? What time of day is your peak energy use? Do these considerations warrant investigating solar battery storage? By discussing these questions and more at your site visit the Innovate team builds a solar installation tailored for you; meeting your needs and budget now while adding to your property value by futureproofing your home.

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Mat did a thoroughly professional job on our solar installation. Responsive and helpful. Highly recommended.

Peter Skye

As a part of our free site assessment, our team will determine whether a battery is the best option for you. Solar batteries allow you to use your own solar-generated energy to power your home at night, reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, and protect you against power outages. Even if a battery is not the right decision for you today, our solar energy installations are future-proofed and ready for the addition of a battery when you are ready in the future.


Yes! With the price of solar systems decreasing and the increase in money the energy companies will pay you for what you don't use, now is the time to invest in your energy future. There are two ways that a professional solar system can save you money: first by providing free energy for you to use to run your appliances when you are home and the sun is shining; and, secondly, by enabling you to sell excess power back to the energy companies when you are producing more than you need or when you are not home.


The cost of installing solar solutions is coming down while at the same time the efficiency of the technology is always improving. In most cases, a solar solution installed today will have paid off your initial investment in about five to six years, through savings in power bills. As electric vehicles become more common on the streets, generating free electricity in your home to charge your car could become an added benefit in the future. Of course both of these steps help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on fossil fuel - the ultimate goal for us all!

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Investing in your energy future

The cost of solar technology is decreasing making now a great time to invest in your energy future. Talk to us today about reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint. Read about one family's journey to live more sustainably, find out about available financing options.

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