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Solar systems are a long-term investment and at Innovate Energy we pride ourselves on only using quality products end-to-end to protect your investment. We are teamed with quality suppliers including LG Solar, Trina Solar, Q cells, REC, Fronius, SolarEdge, Rise Solar Technology and Enphase. Additionally, our solar installation work is Clean Energy Council approved.

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Mat did a thoroughly professional job on our solar installation. Responsive and helpful. Highly recommended.

Peter Skye

Solar panels capture the energy of sunlight and convert it into electricity. This is known as a photovoltaic system, usually called solar PV. Panels come in a range of different wattages and power levels. Numerous brands are available, with new technologies and efficiencies frequently emerging. Although solar panels look similar, levels of power, quality and reliability vary greatly.

A fully-exposed rooftop is ideal for solar. Where that’s not available, make sure the panels are installed in the sunniest location. There is a standard 10-year product warranty for solar panels in Australia, as well as a 25-year performance warranty. Be aware that some manufacturers may no longer be in business one or two decades down the track should you need to make a claim.


A feed-in tariff for your solar system is the rate your electricity retailer will pay you for any excess electricity produced by your solar system that is fed back into the electricity grid.


To keep your solar system working efficiently, panels will need to be cleaned from time to time. Aim to do this at least once a year, preferably twice. At the same time it is a great idea to check if any trees have grown branches that cast shade across your panels. If any components are damaged, always contact a trained professional to inspect your system.

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Planning your solar installation

A successful solar installation meets a family's specific needs, which is why we always do a site visit before quoting for the job. Important considerations to understand before making your decision include:

  • will you need to upgrade your electricity meter?
  • how your roof orientation and electricity usage patterns can affect the savings solar energy can make for you
  • what is the difference between 'output warranty' and 'manufacturers warranty
  • planning your future energy needs before committing to solar technology
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Innovate Energy is a well-established South Coast company providing solar panel installations to customers up and down the east coast of NSW and as far inland as the ACT, including:

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