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Best buys in air conditioning

What are your fellow locals installing and why?

Our customers’ most popular choice in 2021 has been Daikin air conditioning, followed by Hitachi, then Fujitsu and the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries series. The most common sized system has been 12.5kw for ducted air con and 5kw for wall-mounted split systems.

Each of these brands offers robust, economic and energy-efficient solutions that will deliver reliable home and office heating or cooling for many years to come. At Innovate we pride ourselves on only recommending and installing quality air conditioning solutions that will stand the test of time.

Benefits of our top sellers

Daikin air conditioning:

Offering splitmulti-split and ducted air conditioners. Daikin’s split air conditioning systems are approved by the National Asthma Council Association of Australia’s Sensitive Choice program.

Hitachi air conditioning solutions

Hitachi aims to deliver ‘living harmony’ with flexible, efficient and economical residential air conditioning solutions - wall and floor-mounted split systemssplit ducted premium air conditioning, and ceiling cassette systems.

Fujitsu air conditioning solutions

Winner of the ‘Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers award - air conditioning’ in 2012 and 2015; Winner of the ‘Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand - air conditioning’ award 2018 - 2021.

Fujitsu air conditioning offerings in the residential space include the Wall Mounted series, the Multi-type system, the Ceiling/floor console, the Cassette systems for discreet ceiling installations, and ducted solutions.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning series

Winner of the Choice ‘Best air conditioner brand’ award three years in a row - 2018,19 and 2020; plus Canstar Blue winner of the ‘Most satisfied customers - air conditioning’ award for in 2019 and 2020.

The Heavy Industries series offers the Avanti and Bronte systems for single rooms and DuctedFlexizoneAirzone and Multi-Split solutions for whole-house cooling/heating systems. Wi-fi control for managing your air-con solution from your phone, smartwatch or tablet is also available.

How much does air conditioning cost in 2021?

Wall-mounted split systems with back-to-back installation:

Bedroom/media room: $1650
2.5kw Hitachi RAS-25SYHAB or Daikin FTX25FT
Medium living area: $2,100
5kw Hitachi RAS-S50YHAB or Daikin FTXF50T
Large open plan living area: $2,600
7kw Hitachi RAS-S60YHAB or Daikin FTX71

Ducted air conditioning solutions:

Upstairs bedrooms or small townhouse: $7,300
7kw Daikin FDYAN71A-CV
Upstairs bedrooms (3-4) or small townhouse: $7,900
8.5kw Daikin FDYAN85A-CV
Three-bedroom homes: $8,300
10kw Daikin FDYAN100A-CV
Three to four-bedroom homes: $9,600
12.5kw Daikin FDYAN125A-CV
Four-bedroom homes: $10,300
14kw Daikin FDYAN140A-CV
Large four-bedroom homes: $11,000
16kw Daikin FDYAN160A-CV