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Located at 5/55 Commerce Cct Yatala, we are proudly QLD-based and operated, servicing from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast.

As a team of fully-qualified electricians and Clean Energy Council-approved solar installers, we have you covered for all your electrical requirements. Services include:

  • Solar installation, maintenance, repair and cleaning
  • Solar batteries
  • Electrical switchboard upgrades
  • Air conditioning installation, maintenance or repair
  • Fan, light, power point installation or replacement
  • Hot water systems
  • Solar inverter swap out
  • Fire alarms
  • 24/7 emergency electrical callouts
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Thanks Rhett for your professionalism and speedy work with our Solar Panels! I would definitely recommend Innovate Energy for anyone installing solar panels. Thanks again!

Annette | Queensland


Can not thank Tyson and the team at Innovate enough for the solar install on my property! 10/10 for service and 10/10 will be recommending Innovate to anyone I speak to from now on.

Daniel | Queensland

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Reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint with an Innovate Energy solar panel installation. Innovate's solar energy solutions are Clean Energy Council-approved and we believe in protecting your investment long-term by only dealing with reputable suppliers and high-quality equipment end-to-end.

A solar installation is a long-term solution that futureproofs your home and each family's needs are unique. At Innovate Energy we pride ourselves on understanding your situation and goals - will your energy needs increase as your family grows? Are you keen to purchase an electric vehicle in the coming years? When is your peak energy use? Do these considerations warrant investigating solar battery storage?

Talk to us today to discuss your family's need for a rooftop solar solution in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Noosa and surrounds.

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Delivering economic, robust solar panel solutions is core to our business and with the cost of solar technology decreasing now is a great time to invest in your energy future.

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All our team are qualified electricians with an in-depth knowledge of solar, airconditioning, data communications, cable and networking installation, switchboards and metering. Whether you're doing a new build, renovating an older home, or updating a bathroom or kitchen we can support you with all electrical installation, repair or maintenance needs.

We pride ourselves on being timely, clean, efficient and dependable. All our electrical work comes with a five-year guarantee (excluding parts).

Range of electrical services include:

  • Level 2 ASP electrician work - installation, repairs or maintenance
  • Lighting and power installations
  • Switchboard and metering upgrades/alterations
  • RCD Protection (Safety Switches)
  • Hot water systems
  • Home Renovations
  • Sensor or Security Lights
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Surge Protection
  • Emergency Electrical Repairs 24/7
  • New homes
  • Commercial maintenance
  • Rural Cable installation
  • Outdoor heating
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There are some simple things you can do every day to reduce your electricity costs. These include:

  • No-cost tips - reduce the thermostat setting, close doors and curtains to keep warm air inside during winter and hot air out in summer; switch off appliances at the wall, wash clothes with cold water.
  • Moderat-cost tips - install energy-efficient lighting; insulate your home.
  • Long-term investment - install solar panels. Solar energy installations are becoming more and more cost-efficient and can deliver a real return on investment in terms of reducing energy bills. Find out more ...

This may be caused because the fuse has the wrong amperage rating. Have a qualified electrician take a look and check what appliances are attached to that circuit. It is important to have the correct fuses connected as it is the fuse that protects both the wiring and the appliances using that circuit.

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Air Conditioning

Wall-mounted split systems, ducted or ceiling-mounted cassette installations ... air conditioning solutions to meet all requirements and make sure your family stays cool next summer and warm in winter.

We consider all installations unique and always conduct a pre-installation site inspection that considers your family size, budget and lifestyle when recommending one air conditioning solution over another. Plus, as qualified electricians, all our quotes include electrical wiring to the switchboard, so there are no hidden costs. Our suppliers of choice include Hitachi, Fujitsu and Daikin as we know these will ensure our customers get long-lasting, efficient air conditioning solutions.

Or if you already have an air con unit that just isn't performing as it used to we are available for maintenance, service and cleaning to get your current unit back on track.

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A ducted air conditioning system operates from a centralised unit that pumps cool air (or warm air in winter!) throughout your house via ducts in the ceiling or floor. The advantages of a ducted system include:

  • near-silent operation since the central unit is located away from the ducts
  • better temperature control - the ducted system is set up in zones that can be individually controlled for comfort throughout the house
  • aesthetically pleasing - ceiling or floor vents are more discreet than traditional wall-mounted units

Installation of ducted air conditioning is more expensive than other forms of aircon. An ideal time to consider installing ducted air conditioning is during a new-build or renovation of your home.


In general yes, by zoning ducted air conditioning the whole system becomes more energy-efficient - you have the control to turn off the rooms that aren't being used, rather than having to cool/heat the unused spaces. We recommend MyAir air conditioning management system because it is the most intelligent zoning control system available.


For a simple wall mount split system, it can take around half of a day. For a ducted installation, it can take 1-2 days.


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