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Quality products such as Hitachi, Fujitsu and Daikin for long-lasting, efficient installations

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Looking for quality air conditioning installation, service and maintenance professionals in Nowra? We're here to help. Our experienced team can provide advice on the right residential air conditioning system to suit your budget and needs, and as we are all qualified electricians our quotes always include electrical wiring to the switchboard.

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Range of air conditioning services

  • Wall mount split system installation and maintenance
  • Ducted system installation and maintenance
  • VRF Installation and maintenance
  • Cassette installation and maintenance
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Running an older air conditioner that no longer cools like it used to? Talk to the Innovate team about what servicing or repair work could bring your air conditioner back on track.

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A ducted air conditioning system operates from a centralised unit that pumps cool air (or warm air in winter!) throughout your house via ducts in the ceiling or floor. The advantages of a ducted system include:

  • near-silent operation since the central unit is located away from the ducts
  • better temperature control - the ducted system is set up in zones that can be individually controlled for comfort throughout the house
  • aesthetically pleasing - ceiling or floor vents are more discreet than traditional wall-mounted units

Installation of ducted air conditioning is more expensive than other forms of aircon. An ideal time to consider installing ducted air conditioning is during a new-build or renovation of your home.


A split air conditioning system is a unit comprised of two halves. One half is mounted on the wall on the inside of your house in the room to be air-conditioned. This is attached to the second half of the system which is mounted on the outer wall of the house. Split air conditioning systems are the most popular in residential houses as they are less costly to install compared to ducted air conditioning.


The best air conditioning solution depends on your individual needs and circumstances. Ducted air conditioning is the ultimate heating and cooling solution, being aesthetic, easy to maintain and nearly silent when in operation. However as this solution requiree ducting to be installed all over the home it is not very practical unless in a new-build or a home undergoing full renovation. For this reason, split air conditioning units, which are less complicated and therefore less expensive to install are more popular for most households. When providing a quote for your new air conditioning solution we consider all your needs and circumstances in our recommendations. Additionally, our team are all qualified electricians so all our quotes include electrical wiring to the switchboard.


Air conditioning installation and maintenance service areas

Innovate Energy is well-established on the South Coast, providing air conditioning installation and maintenance to customers across the Shoalhaven region:

... and the surrounding areas.

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