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Delivering Clean Energy Council-approved solar solutions to Wollongong customers. Understanding a family's individual needs is important before quoting on a solar installation, at Innovate Energy we always start with a site visit prior to quoting and take into account your family's future energy needs during the planning.

The cost of solar panel installations is decreasing and now is the time to invest in your energy future. Talk to us today about reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint. Innovate Energy is also available to support you with your current solar installation - whether you want to upgrade to a battery, need repairs on components, or simply help keeping the panels clean ... we're a local business around for the long-term.

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Matthew was quick to respond and organise someone to come quote. Jack did our install and was super lovely, tidied up left no mess after finishing etc overall an easy good experience from start to finish. Would definitely use these guys again in the future.

Hayley George


Thank you to the entire team at Innovate Energy. From the time I had my initial contact with them until today when the solar panels were installed, everyone I dealt with was efficient, polite and professional. A great team. I would highly recommend them.

Susan | Kiama

The cost of installing solar solutions is coming down while at the same time the efficiency of the technology is always improving. In most cases, a solar solution installed today will have paid off your initial investment in about five to six years, through savings in power bills. As electric vehicles become more common on the streets, generating free electricity in your home to charge your car could become an added benefit in the future. Of course both of these steps help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on fossil fuel - the ultimate goal for us all!


Rechargeable solar batteries store the ‘excess’ electricity generated from a panel array, boosting energy capacity and making power available for use at night time or on cloudy days.

Recent design improvements and price drops in lithium-ion batteries have made solar storage more viable than ever before.

Assess your energy needs before investing in a battery or batteries. There’s no point buying more capacity than you can use — surplus electricity should instead be fed into the grid for a profit.

If all the appliances in your home are electrical, they can be powered by solar.

Battery storage systems are a serious safety risk if incorrectly installed and may have implications for insurance coverage, so when choosing a solar solution make sure to use a reputable installer.


Solar inverters are an essential component of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. They are what converts the direct current (DC) output of solar panels (the energy collected from the sun) into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is what is used by the appliances in your home.

Inverters can be monitored via a computer program or device app to check energy generation, consumption and correct operation of the system.

Several types of inverters are suitable for home systems.

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Things to consider when installing solar

We pride ourselves on protecting your investment with competitive prices and quality products that will stand up to the Australian climate. Which is why we are teamed with quality suppliers including LG Solar, Trina Solar, Q cells, REC, Fronius, SolarEdge, Rise Solar Technology and Enphase.

Things to consider and understand before making your decision on a solar panel installation include:

  • will you need to upgrade your electricity meter?
  • how your roof orientation and electricity usage patterns can affect the savings solar energy can make for you
  • what is the difference between 'output warranty' and 'manufacturers warranty

Also, think past your current requirements when choosing a solar system. Your solar solution is a long-term investment and, with the continuing improvement of battery storage and the future of electric cars, you may want to be able to expand your solar solution down the track. Talk to us today to fully understand your options.

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Innovate Energy is a well-established South Coast company providing solar solutions to customers up and down the east coast of NSW and as far inland as the ACT, including:

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