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Benefits of maintaining your solar installation

Innovate Energy solar maintenance

A quality solar installation is designed and built to be hardy, but it is important to remember that it is still an electrical system that sits exposed to the elements all year round. Electricity can be dangerous and all electrical setups need to be maintained to ensure safety. Solar installations are no exception. Servicing and maintenance are important for catching any potential problems before they pose a fire or electrocution risk. On the plus side, solar maintenance checks also include the cleaning of your panels and confirming your system is running optimally.

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Rust, moisture seepage, vermin and harsh sunlight are the primary things that can cause damage to the electrics in a solar installation. Just like running a car, regular servicing addresses problems before they become expensive or dangerous.

Solar maintenance and servicing cost

Solar maintenance and clean

$300 inc GST

$380 inc GST

$450 inc GST

$530 inc GST

Solar clean only

$220 inc GST

$300 inc GST

$370 inc GST

$490 inc GST

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Included in a solar maintenance check

  • clear any debris from the solar panels and wash to remove dust and dirt; this is particularly important on flat solar panel installations
  • check the inverter and DC isolator switch for water damage and safe operation
  • check the system’s electrical cabling and circuitry for potential damage from weathering or rodent activity
  • check roof mountings for signs of corrosion or rust
  • checking that access to the isolator switches has not been impeded and making sure the emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed
  • confirm the system's output is delivering in line with expectations for the size, age, location, and positioning of the panels
  • a written report on the status and health of the solar installation

Innovate Energy is a Clean Energy Council accredited solar panel system installer (search under Innovate's owner - Mathew Foley) and all Innovate technicians are fully qualified electricians.

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